Mercedes-Benz O530 'Facelift' Pack V1.4

Submitted on August 29, 2018


Hi guys! After a couple of months of hard work it is time to release this addon! It consists of 7 busses, each with 13 setvars to customize your own repaint.

- Citaro 2-doors(automatic doors)
- Citaro 3-doors
- Citaro K 2-doors
- Citaro L 3-doors
- Citaro G 3-doors
- Citaro G 4-doors
- CapaCity 4-doors - NEW!

Additionally, the busses are equipped with Novitus Nano E ticket printer (modelled by Ogon and scripted by NightHauler). The package contains the original readme from Morphi's mod (I didn't want to duplicate the info). Also, there are repaint templates with all the neccessary information on the main readme file. The vehicles can be edited however you like as long as you post the authors of the original addons. I would like to state that it is a 1.0 version, so I am aware that it will have some things to fix, I will try to do it as fast and thoroughly as I can. I really enjoyed creating this addon with the help from this community, and I did put my heart into it. If you enjoy driving these babies as much as I enjoyed creating them, you can support me by donating, if of course you have the financial capability.

Credits: Helvete

Download: v1.4_Mercedes_O530_Facelift.7z (150 MB)