Masterbus Masterlite

Submitted on October 13, 2019


The MasterBus Masterlite Pack is a Low-Floor MidiBus introduced to market in 2010. It was initially available with 1 body type, Wheel-Forward, and later on Door-Forward, with production models starting in 2014. Manufacturer options come in various lengths, engine options, gearbox options, seating options, hybrid options, and more. This pack includes a highly detailed rendition based on the real thing.

This pack features extremely accurate renditions based off the Wrightbus Streetlite series, including both Cummins and Daimler Engine Sounds, Various body lengths, randingfrom 11.5m, 10.8m, 10.2m, 9.6m and a Left-Hand Drive 11.5m Variant.

The initial release of this pack (v1) will feature all of the above, 11.5m-9.6m Body Types, with a Left-Hand Drive Variant, a Hybrid (HEV) option with accurate model and sound differences, both Voith 3-Speed Gearbox, and 4-Speed Gearbox. As well as over 24 customisable SETVARs, ranging from the option of 3 Ticket Machines, 3 Interior Seating Types, Engine Stop Start, 2 Information Displays, Front Body Panel Types, Fog Lights, and much, much more. The full feature list can be found down below.

Planned free future updates of this pack include Non-Micro Hybrid variants, Dublinbus Spec, London (TFL) Spec, and possibly more.

This pack includes a highly detailed rendition of the Ticketer Ticket Machine, buy Ticketer UK.

Credits: Masterswitch Studios