MAN NL/NG Enhanced Pack

Submitted on October 1, 2021


Freeware standalone pack of MAN NL/NG busses, 39 included, with many configuration variations via setvars.
Welcome to the New-Old generation of MAN City busses! With this pack you can experience driving with 2000s MAN NL/NG busses. Pack include 39 different versions of them in various configurations - A20 (12m Regio), A21 (12m City, lying motor), A23 (18m Articulated), A26 (15m 3-Axle City), A37 (12m standing motor). In Pack you can also find 3 different dedicated versions used in Szczecin, Poland (2nd hand busses in configurations from Wuppertal, Stade, Vechelde).

Pack have many different setvars, like for door configs with realistic sounds. Also it comes with high-quality engine sounds, and realistic physics.

Have a good trip!

Credits: Sobol

Download:  MAN_NL_Enhanced_Pack_1.0_-_30_09_2021.7z (481MB)


By gtaomsi2 on November 20, 2021

Are you russian?