Stadsregio Vlietlanden V2

Submitted on December 11, 2019


There it is City Region Vlietlanden V2.
It is the very last incarnation of the map. After this, nothing will be changed and this version is not further supported. You will have to solve any problems yourself or in collaboration with your fellow users. As of today, the project team has also been dissolved and the team will no longer provide support.
What are the changes in V2:
• Cosmetic adjustments such as loose road signs;
• A new line;
• Adjustments to the timetable;
• Adjustments to the passenger settings
• New terminua for line 46
• Performance improvement;
• Scenery adjustments in a number of places;
• Signage. A few things have been changed in the scenery objects and splines so you will have to download the entire package again. I advise you to remove all Vlietburg and Euregio folders in Scenery objects and splines for installation.
The map is delivered turn-key, if you still want a different bus then you just have to copy the hoffile from addons> Vlietlanden.

Credits: Omsi 2 Vlietburg Xtreme

Download: Stadsregio Vlietlanden V2.7z (6.7 GB)