LAZ E183A1 Update 0.1

Submitted on December 21, 2020


LAZ E183A1 Update 0.1 is released. Not the final version. The mod is based on the LAZ А183 bus from Vitaly.L.
The author of the sound materials is Elay Transportnick.
The author of the "shaking" barbell script is Wlad209.
Performance is guaranteed only on version 2.3.004 of the game. (on "Nikolaich" too).
Support development:
-Privatbank 5457 0822 2381 7730 Indicate contacts how you can be contacted or write to the development group in VK(Kakp projects | OMSI2) and receive a gift as a token of gratitude for the donation.

List of changes from 12/18/2020:
-Added new elements of the removable "collective farm": * mud flaps * curtain on the windshield * curtains for side windows
-Added AI version (in it raised rods with animation)
-Fixed geometry of electrical equipment to be more realistic
-Changed driver's camera
-Added the ability to open all 3 doors from the keyboard (without the need to register additional buttons)
-Replaced pneumatic rods with old-style rods (used in Irl.)
-Added the ability to fold the rods separately
-Added animation of rods while driving (beta)
-Added animation of cables while driving (beta)
-Added the ability to partially change the color of the rods through the setvar (farbschema_tex2)
-Changed EMU (beta)
-Added red color for EMU (Irish color, installation in the model folder)
-Added the ability to remove the LAZ icon in the cockpit
-Added the ability to remove the frontal part (in irl. When towing a trolleybus)
-Added the ability to paint handrails through the setvar (farbschema_tex5)
-Fixed ticket position
-Fixed some textures on the dashboard
-Removed unnecessary buttons from the dashboard
-Fixed minor flaws in all current repaints
-Added new repaints: * Lublin city * Lviv city * Cyberpunk 2077 ads * Mafia: Definitive Edition ads

Credits: Kakp projects

Download: LAZ-E183A1_release_0.1.rar (141 MB)

Nysa 2.0

Submitted on December 14, 2020


NYSA — PROJEKT NUMER JEDEN Small Polish card for OMSI 2.
A high-quality map, worked out to the smallest detail. Regular project update.

▪ The map contains one route: 28 ul. Piłsudskiego - ul. Polna ▪ Route length: 6.6 km ▪ Route time: 22 minutes
▪ There is a voice informant Version: 2.0 build 1, from 12.09.2020

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Contact us:
>> [email protected]
© «MAP.NYSA», 2018 - 2020.

Credits: Studio «MAP.NYSA»


NefAZ 5299-17-32

Submitted on December 14, 2020


NefAZ 5299-17-32 bus mod for Omsi 2.Cummins engine. For a comfortable game, the model is equipped with a Voith GMP (it was not installed on a real bus). The model is crude, there is still a lot of work to be done, maybe someone wants to do it. Gearbox: Automatic



Solaris Urbino 12 U LE RVB Rheinhausen

Submitted on November 30, 2020

Description: Download Repaint here

Credits: filipbogicevic1404


Ahlheim_Laurenzbach_2020 Modern

Submitted on November 15, 2020

Description: Die fiktive Karte ist im südlichen Niederrhein angesiedelt, irgendwo zwischen Mönchengladbach, Duisburg und der holländischen Grenze. Sie spielt in den beiden Großstädten Ahlheim und Laurenzbach. Dazwischen liegen noch die kleineren Städte und Orte Derenhofen, Markscheidt und Voosen.

Credits: Unknown


Lindt Excellence Dark Chilli For Iveco Crossway LE

Submitted on October 26, 2020

Description: bus model

Credits: newshift


VDL Citea LLE 12m BVG Version

Submitted on October 16, 2020


Password: 2020VDL10

Credits: mx200; ins dsgn.mx200

Download: VDL_Citea_LLE_BVG_V1.rar (164 MB) & Speedfix fehlende Fonts.rar

VW Constellation 8x4 Bitruck

Submitted on October 6, 2020


VW Constellation 8x4 Bitruck


MOD do site
Editor: Allan(50cemt)
reeditor: marcinho edit's
Script Letreito: Marcos Elias
Som: Cristhian Cardoso
Som Trio: Eudes Santos
Conversão para OMSI:  Eudes Santos
Traillers e extras Eudes Santos

Download: Constellation by Eudes Santos.7z (80 MB)